Date: 12th June 2010 at 10:05am
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On reflection of the present promotion, relegation and play off policies of the Football Leagues, it obviously shows a bias towards those teams in the Conference Premier trying to get promoted.

My reasons for this comment are quite simple, just look at how many teams are relegated and promoted in the present divisions of the Football League.

These are as follows:
Premier – 3 relegated.
Championship – 3 promoted, 3 relegated.
League 1 – 3 promoted, 4 relegated.
League 2 – 4 promoted 2 relegated.

Now it`s not rocket science to see the connection between the number of teams promoted and relegated to the League at which these teams are playing in.

In every over league above the Conference Premier there are the same number of or more teams relegated than promoted.

So why aren`t their 4 teams relegated from League 2 and 4 teams promoted from the Conference Premier?

Come on you Football League Big Wigs give the Conference Premier teams 3 or may be even 4 reasons to be cheerful and allow more teams to be promoted into the Football League.

Why not join up and have your say, let me know, do you think more teams should be promoted from the Conference Premier.

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